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  • How to measure for custom-made orders?
    You can refer to our custom-made size guide here.
  • How to place custom-made orders?
    You can view our custom-made lookbook, identify which dress you'd like, take your measurement, fill up the pre-order form and we'll confirm your order via WhatsApp.
  • How long does it take for custom-made orders?
    During normal period, we usually take 3-4 weeks to make and deliver your item to you. During peak period, we usually take 4-5 weeks.
  • Do you restock sold out batik fabric?
    All our batik pieces are made from unique Malaysian batik material. Due to limited quantity, we do not restock the same fabric material once it is sold out. That means there’s only ONE unique batik design in the world!
  • How do I care for my batik?
    We recommend to hand wash and line dry. Avoid direct sunlight to prevent from fading.
  • Do you tailor-made custom design?
    No we don't tailor for custom design at the moment. You may view and choose from our current designs, then custom make it to follow your body measurement.
  • Do you provide batik rental?
    No we don't provide batik rental.
  • Do you have international shipping?
    Yes! We currently offer international shipping to: Asia Pacific Singapore RM50 Brunei RM80 Hong Kong RM110 South Korea RM105 Japan RM210 Australia RM160 New Zealand RM130 Europe UK RM95 Germany RM125 Norway RM135 North America USA RM120 Canada RM160 If your country is not listed yet, just drop us a line and we’ll check if we can deliver to where you are! *Shipping prices are based on weight of package (0.5kg) and are subject to change.
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